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Skill Flash Games


click to play gameStunt Pilot take to the skies and pilot your stunt plane through various acrobatic flight mazes

click to play gameBike Challenge Ride the bike to conquer obstacles. Climb rocks, jump over gaps, etc.


click to play gameYour objective is to stay on the path and avoid hitting the edges of the space super-highway.

click to play gameDraw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go! Try to jump over aliens, cars, trucks, buses, fly through burning rings and much more.


click to play gameKermix A cute puzzle game where you must get red blocks to green gates

click to play gameFree Rider 2 Create your own track and play it with a variety of vehicles

click to play gameClimb to the top of the mountain by answering simple math questions faster than your opponent (computer or human).

click to play gameBloon popping fun

click to play gameIt's a rescue mission.  You have to go out into canyon country and save people and animals from the rising flood waters.

click to play gameThe balloon wars are raging on the farm. Who will be king of the barnyard?

click to play gameSpace Escape Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.

click to play gameA tricky darts game against computer opponents of varying ability. It's the best of 5 legs, first one to 3


click to play gameConnect two or more of the same balls to make them disappear.

click to play gamecucaracha game


click to play gameA lot like tetris, but much harder.

click to play gameland the little spaceship on the blue platforms. While refueling on the red platforms.


click to play gameFreak-Ball the Fluffite is trapped in a garden of mystery. It's up to you to help him escape to the open countryside by working out his bounce path to the exit.

click to play gameRoll Roll Roll

click to play game3D Super Ball

click to play game60 Seconds






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